Fuel consumption varies depending on the boat's engine power and bottom structure, the current wind condition, weight of the flyer, and the quality of the parachute you use. However, the most important factor for consumption is the wind condition. In weather with average wind, a turbine jet boat with a Yanmar 370HP engine, consumes approximately 3 litres of diesel fuel per flight. In areas where the wind is good, consumption amounts to less than 1 litre per flight.

A captain and a second person to help is enough. While the captain drives the boat, his assistant is occupied with putting on the harness, opening the parachute and adjusting the GoPro camera.

A captain driving a boat only needs a seaman certificate. This is a document that permits driving a boat . There is no need for any parasailing operating certificate.

Definitely not. Generally people are scared by the rope setting-stic., However even if it breaks away, customer will drift down to the water slowly. Even if a person doesn’t know how to swim, the life jacket will keep them safe on the surface. Similarly, if the boat's engine is damaged or runs out of fuel a person again is slowly lowered to the water and no risk occurs. 

Anyone over the age of 3 can do parasailing. Children under the age of 12 can fly only with adults. Pregnant women, people with heart disease and those intoxicated are not appropriate for parasailing.

Like many other products in the world, parasailing boats are also a subject to immitation or phony copies. This method of production is generally preferred by amateur companies and the boats produced by them are far from a good technological production and quality standards.

All our boats are guaranteed for 2 years under commercial use. Engine warranty provided by engine manufacturer.

The most important determining factor is budget. If you have no sufficient budget to buy a new boat, you can turn to a used boat. For the purpose of us to provide you with professional advice, please inform us about the budget you planned on, your competitive position and the expected usage.

Parasailing boat prices depend on such parameters as boat model, engine and drive system. However, without going into details, we can generalize the price for a parasailing boat with all equipment and engine starting from 90.000 EURO.

Certainly. You can test the boat that you have decided to buy even in winter. For this purpose we arrange a personal meeting with you. 

Generally we prefer to receive 60% by bank transfer at the ordering and the remaining 40% is taken 2 week prior to delivery.

Shipping charges are not included in our price. However we can arrange shipping through a side company by your request. For export of our product EXWORKS, FOB and CIF terms are commonly used.

Certainly. By your request we can provide this service to you either on your own boat in your country or on our boats in Turkey. Our experienced captains in a short period will train your team in the best way. Furthermore they will introduce you to parasailing captainship with all its niceties and it will become possible to maintain the boat, engine and winch system on your own.