Spark Commercial Jet Boat

Spark Jet boat has a compact design and has a capacity of 10 + 1 passengers. It is offered in two different models: with wing design or closed roll bar design. It is suitable for newly established enterprises due to a low investment cost and economical type because of its passenger capacity of 10 people. Spark Jet Boat has a CE certificate with a capacity of 14 persons in 2013/53/EU standards.  

Thanks to today's advanced composite technologies, the boats made of composite materials are produced more robust, faster and cheaper than the boats made of aluminum jet boats. Therefore, Spark commercial jet boat can be produced cheaper and more robust than the competing aluminum jet boats. It is also designed to fit the standard 40ft container. For this reason, shipping can be done relatively cheap in terms of international transportation compared to the other competing jet boats

For Spark jet boats with single or double engine, it is better to select gasoline or diesel engine with minimum 300HP or more. Spark jet boat reinforcements made of composite fiber without using any wood. Spark jet boats are lighter and more resistant to corrosion than aluminum jet boats. High density squeezed marine polyurethane foam was used in the stringer system of the keel. Even if the jet boat takes water, it has all features of ''Unsinkable boat". Please contact us for detailed information about Spark commercial jet boat prices.

Length : 6.6 m
Width : 2.4 m
Draft : 0.35 m
Dry Weight : 1 Ton
Engine Range : 330 - 700 HP
Fuel Tank : 200 L
Capacity : 10+1
Building Material : GRP

Alesta Marine, Beach Masters markası altında ticari şişme ringolar, wakeboardlar, su kayakları, can yelekleri ve SUP gibi birçok su sporları malzemesini kendi bünyesinde tasarlayıp, üretip tüm dünyaya ihraç etmektedir.