Seabob Underwater Vehicle

Seabob is an electric water vehicle that allows you to dive under water but to keep surfing on the surface of water. Seabob is used by divers as well as by many motor yachts for fun. You can dive under the water like a dolphin with Seabob or you can stroll over the water. Seabob has a programme of depth limiter up to 40 meters. With this limiter, when the specified depth is reached, Seabob is signaling for stopping.

Seabob F5, F5S and F5SR consists of 3 different models. The difference between these 3 models is the motor power and battery life. Seabob F5 underwater vehicle model with 2.5Kw motor power has a thrust of 480N and weights only 29KG. Seabob F5 model, which has a full charge, can be used for an average of 50 minutes. This time period is 60 minutes in F5S model and 70 minutes in F5SR model. Seabob's F5, F5S and F5SR models are supplied with a standard charger and the standard charger can fill an empty Seabob battery with an 8-hour charge. If you wish, you can purchase the optional Seabob Quick Charger and reduce this time to 1.5 hours. If you want to get information about Seabob prices and want to order a Seabob F5, F5S and F5SR immediately, please contact us.

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