Sea Turle PWC

Sea Turtle is a combination of jet ski and pedal boat. Thanks to its fun and easy use, it has a wide range of usage from lakes to parks, water sports facilities to motor yachts. Sea Turtle, which we export to many countries of the world, is available with 9.9 hp gasoline outboard engine option. Sea Turtle, which suitable to all ages, can be used very easily by a joystick. Our product with a speed of 12Km / h has no danger. Due to the specially designed jet turbine system, it can be used without any danger in swimming areas since it does not have propeller in its lower part. This maintenance-free vehicle has very low operating costs. You can go fishing with Sea Turtle for all day, you can swim in the sea or you can rent it. For more information about Sea Turtle and Sea Turtle prices, please contact us.

Engine : 9.9 HP
Fuel : Patrol
Propulsion : Jet Drive
Control System : Joystick
Max Speed : 12 Knots
Fuel Tank : 33 L
Capacity : 3 Person
Building Material : GRP

Alesta Marine, Beach Masters markası altında ticari şişme ringolar, wakeboardlar, su kayakları, can yelekleri ve SUP gibi birçok su sporları malzemesini kendi bünyesinde tasarlayıp, üretip tüm dünyaya ihraç etmektedir.