Would you like to meet the best parasailing boat in the world? Raptor rewrites all the rules with it’s new parasailing boat. We have added greatnew innovations to the parasailing industry with its unusual lines, flawless design, and aggressive looking structure. If you are looking for new and unique parasailing boat to buyRaptor parasailing boat is just for you!

As a result of the design and R&D processes that lasted more than two years, we, as Alesta Marine, produced the Raptor Parasailing Boat for you. The Raptor Parasailing Boat, which has a design far ahead of it’s time with it’s sporty and dynamic appearance, is also at a unique point compared to its competitors, with the comfort of use it offers you.

The hull design of the Raptor parasailing boat has a deep V angle called "Deep Off Shore", specially designed for choppy seas. Thanks to this design, you can have a smooth and comfortable cruise, even at high speeds in choppy seas. In addition, the "Bow Rise" problem that is seen in some parasailing and Off Shore boats, which causes the front of the boat to rise too high while staying on the plane and obstructs the captain's view, has been solved by our engineers, who have designed the Raptor parasailing boat with a new "Triangular Plate” technology, which is a new hull design with an integrated flap system. Thanks to this technology, the Raptor Parasailing Boat accelerates straight without raising it’s head when taking off to the plane. In addition, the Raptor's hull design double steppers reduce the drag of the boat by providing airflow from the sides of the hull to the bottom. The newly developed step hull technology has a very high positive effect on fuel economy and overall speed, which are both things we know are very important to you!

While considering the comfort of your guests, thanks to the large seating areas at the front, we aim to make you feel comfortable and luxurious,with features such as optional minibar/refrigerator, sunbathing mats, toilet etc.

Raptor Parasailing Boat, which we have designed in a way that you can use it for different purposes according to your own needs, offers you the opportunity to have a party with your friends when you want, as it has a wide back area, and it also gives you the privilege of using it as a diving boat, with optional attachments. It can also be used as a daily tour boat, or a passenger transfer boat.

Raptor Parasailing Boat, which can reach high speeds in a very short time thanks to its great aerodynamics, shows excellent performance with an engine power between 340 and 485 HP, thus contributing to a unique and thrilling parasailing experience for your customers.

The biggest feature that distinguishes Alesta Marine from other parasailing boat manufacturers is that Alesta Marine is not just a parasailing boat manufacturer. At the same time, Alesta Marine's own water sports businesses are actively operating commercial parasailing boats. In this way, by understanding the needs of the parasailing business in the best way, andby listening to the advice of our valued customers who have spent years in parasailing business, we aim to develop the right boat models that are most suitable for the needs of the customers. In addition, there are parasailing boat captains in the Alesta Marine team with more than 10,000 tripsof experience. Thanks to our experienced and large staff, we provide the right boat and the right equipment to the investors, who may have no experience in parasailing, and then we provide certified professional parasailing training to our own employees in our customer's country. In this way, we are a solution partner that provides turnkey services to investors who want to invest in the parasailing business.

When you test our boat, you will feel all the experience and know-how that Alesta Marine has in the parasailing industry, with the new Raptor parasailing boat model. If you want to share this great experience, you can contact us at any time and feel the privilege of having this big and profitable investment that we offer you. If you are looking for new parasailing boat, please contact us for detailed information.

Length : 11.11 m
Width : 3.30 m
Draft : 0.50 m
Dry Weight : 2.2 Ton
Engine Range : 340 - 550 HP
Fuel Tank : 300 L
Capacity : 15+2
Building Material : GRP

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Would you like to meet the best parasailing boat in the world? Raptor rewrites the rules with the parasailing boat; We add a great innovation to the parasailing industry with its unusual lines, flawless design and aggressive structure. If you are looking for new and unique parasailing boat for sale, Raptor parasailing