Predator Commercial Jet Boat

If you are reviewing this page, you probably saw the world-famous Shotover Jet company in New Zealand, and you would expect a similar project to be a good investment opportunity in your area. Then you're in the right place! Nowadays, with the development of composite materials technologies, aluminum jet boats are now replaced with jet boots made of composite materials. In addition, the difficulties of aluminum boat construction and high cost expenses made the production of jet boats made of composite materials is more advantageous in terms of price. Alesta Marine designed Predator jet boat and produced it from composite materials!

Predator commercial jet boat has an innovative and aggressive design that completely changes the concept of commercial jet boats. Front headlight lens headlights and rear tail wings add an unique image to Predetor jet boats. This jet boat with 22 + 1 passenger capacity can carry more passengers and increase the profitability rate compared to the other commercial jet boats. Open space at the back of the boat is specially designed for water to be driven out with an easy gas maneuver during the power break. The chrome exhausts on both sides at the back have added a separate image to the boat. 

If you think of Predator jet boat as just a spin-off adventure boat, you're wrong! Predator can be used not only as a jet boat but also as a passenger carriage with a capacity of 22 people. You can also use this top-of-the-line hard top and side doors with lamborghini-style doors in rainy weather in winter.

For Predetor jet boat with single or double engine, it is possible to choose at least 450 HP gasoline or diesel engine. Predetor jet boat, which is produced from composite material, is lighter and more resistant to corrosion than the boats made of aluminum. The keel of Predator jet boat is made of composite reinforced fiber stringer system without any wood and is applied to the marine polyurethane foam compressed into the empty volumes of the keel. Even if the jet boat takes water, it has all features of  ''Unsinkable boat''. Please contact us for more information about Predator commercial jet boat prices

Length : 9.9 m
Width : 3.15 m
Draft : 0.35 m
Dry Weight : 2 Ton
Engine Range : 450-900 HP
Fuel Tank : 200 L
Capacity : 22+1
Building Material : GRP

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